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ST CROIX — One might realize that the renowned adage “health is wealth” is at the heart of St. Croix’s newest wellness store, Caledonia Wellness. Owner Arielle Rames had an interest in health and wellness from a young age, regularly choosing health and fitness magazines over Archie comic books at the supermarket. Born and raised on St. Croix, Rames went on to attain her Master’s Degree and PhD in Psychology, with a large portion of her thesis being centered on wellness.

In 2022, her lifelong desire to get into the wellness space was actualized. The idea of Caledonia Wellness came about after her original post-graduate plans didn’t unfold as she had envisioned. When a friend planted the idea of a wellness store, Rames said the proverbial light bulb went off. “Three years after that conversation, the idea became a reality when the doors opened on December 15, 2022.”

Caledonia Wellness can be described as your one-stop shop for health and wellness. A wide assortment of products is available for purchase, ranging from homeopathy, tinctures, aromatherapy, legal cannabis, Bach flower remedies, supplements, and herbal teas. Rames strives to source products that are sustainable, ethically harvested, fair trade, and benefit small community interests. “I want to help people learn about the multitude of ways they can impove their wellbeing, to understand that it is something within their control.”

Because health and wellness are multifaceted, there is more to it than supplements, exercise, and nutrition. According to Rames, many things aren’t considered or given much thought — aromatherapy for relaxation, emotional tinctures that can enhance endorphin production, boost energy, and calm nervous tension, or legal cannabis products that can aid with seizures, anxiety, and depression. In January 2023, the U.S. Virgin Islands passed legislation legalizing the use of marijuana by adults 21 years and older for medicinal, sacramental, and other uses. There is still great debate about cannabis and whether it is helpful to communities around the world. Rames expressed her understanding to those concerned or uncomfortable with these products because of the stigma it has held over the years. “Growing up in our community, cannabis was rarely discussed as something positive, but my extensive research has uncovered the countless health benefits of the plant.” It’s why she welcomes open, constructive dialogue on the topic with anyone wanting to discuss it.

Caledonia Wellness is open Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm and Saturday from 11am to 4pm. If you stop by and she’s not in, one quick call and she’ll be at the store to assist you with all your wellness needs — she’s always just a few steps away. For more information about Caledonia Wellness, call 340.332.1900 or visit their Facebook page at

Written by Anquanette Gaspard