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When sorting through St. Croix real estate listings, you may wonder what exactly the difference between beachfront and waterfront property is. If a property is waterfront, is it also beachfront and visa versa? They are not one in the same. Let’s try to break it down in simple terms.

Waterfront is any land on the edge of a body of water while beachfront is located on or adjacent to a beach. So, beachfront property is always waterfront, but waterfront property may have a beach or it may have a coast with rocks, a cliff or even a pier. The distinction is typically made in the “View” section of an MLS listing.

Beachfront Property

Our 4 et al Shoys listing is an excellent example of beachfront property. The estate is situated in the esteemed Shoys neighborhood on the beautiful stretch of beach that is a favorite of locals. The View is described as “Waterfront: Sandy Beach”.

5 et al Shoys Shoys Beach

Waterfront Property

Our 50 South Slob listing is a gorgeous waterfront property. The View is described as “Waterfront: Cliff” as it does not have a beach on property.

50 Sout Slob

Waterfront property on St. Croix is an especially good value right now. Prices typically range from $499,000 to $5 million, though the Contessa Castle is currently on the market for $15 million and includes north and south shore land with a beach, rocks and a pier. Many condo communities are also beachfront. Of the current 898 residential, condo and land listings on St. Croix, 83 are listed as waterfront property.