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ST CROIX — Take a journey back to a time when one of the founding fathers of the United States called St. Croix home. On the Eyes of Hamilton Walking Tour, guests will see Alexander Hamilton brought to life through rich history and historical charm as they retrace the steps of a young Hamilton in downtown Christiansted.

This first-person tour was started by longtime resident Wayne Nichols in November 2018. Nichols spent his summers on St. Croix after his parents divorced and even attended junior high school on the island. He moved back in 2012 and purchased property to settle down on St. Croix. This coincided with the time when Nichols started to hear about Hamilton, the self-titled Broadway production created by Lin Manuel Miranda. He dove into the Ron Chernow book that inspired the play and learned that 32 Company Street was where Hamilton lived with his mother. Upon further reading, Nichols learned more about the famous letter that Hamilton wrote which catapulted his journey to founding father status, and visited the various areas listed in the book. “I was fascinated with Hamilton and his story,” said Nichols. “I mean, he came from this tiny, unknown island to become one of the most important political figures of the time without being a president and has his face on the $10 bill!” It was during these discovery days that a close friend suggested that Nichols “get busy with something and stay out of trouble” by creating an official Alexander Hamilton tour. After a lot of research and a deep dive into the history of 1765, Nichols launched Alexander Hamilton Tours.

This educational and entertaining “Eyes of Hamilton” two-hour walking tour provides a unique and comprehensive itinerary of sights where Hamilton lived and worked as a young man from age seven to seventeen in Christiansted, St. Croix. Nichols takes on the persona of Hamilton himself by dressing in the style of the times to present the tour in the first person as the renowned figure. In doing so, Hamilton’s story and youth come to life in the historic 18th-century streets of Christiansted with a backdrop that blends vistas of neo-classical architecture with the natural setting of high hills and reef-fringed harbor. Guests will be led to the “places where it happened” and leave the tour realizing the influence St. Croix had on Hamilton’s learning of international trade, a need for standard currency and credit, sound fiscal policy, and his abolitionist views of slavery. Nichols revealed the one thing that Lin Manuel may have missed the mark on with the play. “He called the Caribbean a forgotten place, but it was far from that,” said Nichols. “St. Croix was a vibrant, happening place in 1765, because sugar was gold.”

Eyes of Hamilton Tour is available seven days a week at 9am and 4pm at $35 per person. 24-hour advance booking is recommended. To learn more about the tour, visit or call 340- 690-6960 to reserve your spot.

Written by Anquanette Gaspard