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ST THOMAS — This beach locale is a favorite amongst the local community on St. Thomas. Head to John Brewers Beach to enjoy their sandy white beaches, swaying palm trees, and cool, calm waters. More widely known as Brewers Beach, it is located just past the University of the Virgin Islands going west on Route 30, or as local directions would say, “by the airport.” As your plane prepares to land at Cyril E. King Airport, it is the one you’d likely spot from your window seat!

With large stretches of white sand and plentiful shade thanks to palm trees, it’s surprising how quiet this pristine beach is compared to other beaches on St. Thomas. One of the unique qualities about Brewers Beach is seeing the planes take off and land at the airport nearby. Surprisingly, the noise factor isn’t as loud as one would expect with the bustle of plane activity happening throughout the day. The beach is typically quiet during the week but can get a little livelier on the weekend. Families and friends are known to gather here for quality time together, usually equipped with barbecue grills, coolers filled with ice-cold drinks, and the distinctive sounds of local music such as calypso, soca, and reggae.

If snorkeling is a favorite pastime of yours, you’re in for a treat at Brewers Beach. Thanks to its calm water, minimal waves, and uncrowded shores, the beach is almost always perfect for snorkeling. You’re sure to spot a turtle or two to swim around with as they are often found in the waters here. Amenities at Brewers Beach are limited with the basics of showers and restrooms available; there is no concession stand renting beach chairs, towels, or umbrellas, so be sure to bring your own and anything else you may need to make your day at Brewers Beach a comfortable one. A food truck or two is regularly located nearby selling cold drinks, burgers, and hot dogs, as well as local fare like Johnny cakes and patés. Be sure to add Brewers Beach to your list of beaches to relax and unwind while on St. Thomas!

Written by Anquanette Gaspard