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ST CROIX — Jump Up Deli and Dem Tings is a classic deli and gift boutique with a Caribbean twist. Find classic deli sandwiches, traditional meats, cheeses, soups and salads at this unique bistro tucked away in the courtyard of Apothecary Hall on Company Street. Owners Ellen Ross and Todd Kirkpatrick both moved to St. Croix in 2017 before hurricanes Irma and Maria. Through a shared love of football and supporting one another during the catastrophic storms, they fell in love. The connection they witnessed and felt during the rebuilding of the island solidified their desire to become part of the downtown Christiansted community by providing a fun place for families and kids to eat, laugh, and shop.

Todd is an accomplished chef who dreamed of one day opening a New York style deli featuring sliced meats and cheeses, fresh salads, soups, and sides. Ellen brought her talent in sales and marketing that expanded during her time at Procter and Gamble offering all “Dem Tings” you didn’t know you needed. There is something for everyone at this unique St. Croix gift boutique, from tadpole tings for kids, mermaid tings for women, pirate tings for men, and furry friend tings for pets. “It’s a crazy little store, and we have fun with the selections we offer,” said Ellen. She boasted that they have the best selection of toys and treats for all kinds of pets, including dog and cat wines. “You can alter your attitude and your animal’s attitude at Dem Tings!”

Jump Up Deli and Dem Tings opened in December 2022, and they knew they found the perfect location in the former Café Christine location in Apothecary Hall. The deli menu items are named after notable island landmarks and locations, like the ever-popular hot sandwiches named The Christiansted and The Blue Mountain. They offer gluten-free and vegetarian options as well. This family friendly café makes waiting a pleasant pastime with fun games on the porch tables and a pirate chest with free toys for the kids. “We want to make sure kids can have fun along with the adults.” Customers visiting the deli also get to snap a picture of them jumping up in the space. The tradition started when a guest said their order made them jump up with joy; since then, every new customer gets their picture taken mid-jump when they jump for joy with their orders.

Each Art Thursday, they host “Arf Thursday” where St. Croix Animal Welfare Center sets up a petting area with their loveable pets to encourage adoption and donations to the organization. Beautiful artwork from their artists-in-residence, Pat Alfrey and Emelyn Morris-Sayre, are also on display for purchase and viewing during the event.

Jump Up Deli and Dem Tings is opened Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. The store opens at 10am; the grill opens at 11am. You can find them in downtown Christiansted at 6 Company Street in the historic Apothecary Hall courtyard across from LEVELS VI. Check out their menu and see more of “dem tings” they offer by visiting their website at For takeout orders, call 340.712.0002.

Written by Anquanette Gaspard