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ST CROIX — The abundance of sunshine readily available makes the idea of “going solar” a likely choice for Caribbean homes. Not only does it allow one to save money, but its direct environmental impact using renewable energy is substantial. ProSolar Systems is the leading solar company in the Virgin Islands, providing cost-effective investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy since its 2007 launch in Florida; the company opened offices in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2011. Brian Walden, Director of Operations with ProSolar Systems USVI, stated that the primary goal of the company is to live up to the promise and expectations of renewable energy. “Providing energy independence and lowering overall home energy costs is what we hope to achieve as we continue to work with residential and commercial customers in the territory.”

When people think about making the switch to solar energy, the top reasons are often tied to the desire to reduce carbon footprint and save money. “The 2017 hurricanes in the territory forced us to become finitely aware about what energy control really means,” said Walden. By installing a solar system in your home or business, you will certainly see a reduction in energy costs. Walden conveyed that a flight to quality is how renewable energy is seen. “The current forecast for the US residential market for those wanting to go solar

will continue to grow every year moving forward.” In addition to the cost savings, customers will become energy independent where they are no longer solely reliant on a centralized resource for power plus the increased value to your home is significant. Knowing your end goal as a customer is crucial in determining what type of solar system will work best for you. Some may want to employ a backup service to their current pow-er source. For others, the increased resiliency as it pertains to quality of life is what matters; monthly savings on the electricity bill is often a prima-ry goal for many. “When we engage a potential customer at ProSolar, we show them their current energy consumption and overall costs.” From there, the customer is shown how their overall operating costs will be reduced and the backup capability they would have in the event of a power outage. A main point to con-sider is how much you can afford to invest. ProSolar Systems offer 0% down financing starting from the residential level, making accessibility to renewable energy available to more people. ProSolar Systems prides themselves on selling energy as a service. Their relationships extend beyond the point of sale, with various departments to service everything the company sells. They offer full-service solar energy system design and installation, as well as Tesla Powerwall — a backup battery that can help you achieve energy independence when coupled with solar panels. The unit is designed to integrate into exterior or interior applications effortlessly and can be programmed to discharge energy when low-cost, backup energy is most needed, usually at night or during power outages.

To learn more about ProSolar Systems or get started on your path to clean, renewable energy to power all of your electrical needs, visit their website at or call 340.201.4752.

Written by Anquanette Gaspard