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After a two-year hiatus, one of St. Croix’s most beloved events is making its anticipated return to the island. Christiansted Jump Up is the unofficial start of the holiday season in St. Croix. The phrase ‘jump up’ means to dance with jubilation and you’re sure to do that and much more at this cherished event! This festival-like block party is held in the streets of downtown Christiansted where the streets are closed off to vehicular traffic to allow everyone to “jump up” and immerse themselves in a cultural experience unique to the island.

Due to the global pandemic, Christiansted Jump Up was postponed to minimize the spread of the virus throughout the community. Now that restrictions have been eliminated and large-scale events have returned, Christiansted Retail & Restaurant Association (CRRA) decided it was time to bring back the event in time for the holidays. Jump Up is held four (4) times a year on a Friday night with a different theme for each one. The last Jump Up of the year typically takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year’s theme is “Christmasted,” a play on words that combines ‘Christmas’ with ‘Christiansted.’

There is much to look forward to including the infamous cultural icon, Mocko Jumbies from Guardians of Culture. Mocko Jumbies have been a staple in our Virgin Islands culture for centuries. Legend has it that they ward off evil spirits and it is considered a blessing to be in their presence. Live music can be heard on almost every corner: the sweet sounds of music from Rising Stars Steel Pan, sultry jazz sounds from Eddie Russel Band, Hot Club Jazz Trio and Kwabena Trio and the smooth, melodic tunes from Gyasi Clarke and Pollo Bass Covers. A variety of street vendors set up their tables to offer numerous item such as local foods and drinks, jewelry, arts and crafts and much more. Additionally, Christiansted businesses and restaurants extend their hours to welcome the crowds and offer various specials in celebration of the event.

Christiansted Jump Up will take place on Friday, November 25th from 6pm to 10pm. Come out and enjoy a night on the town with good food, family and friends!

Written by Anquanette Gaspard (