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Wake up, smile and “seas” the day with a different kind of outing along the sandy shores of St. Croix. Freedom Surf Company owner Trevor Fitch offers surfing and swim lessons for all skill levels, offering a gateway to the surfing lifestyle and the freedom it gives. Trevor always knew he wanted to live in the Caribbean. After graduating from high school and gaining work experience, he took a leap of faith and made the journey to St. Croix. “This island is super special to me and has taught me a lot,” said Trevor. “The main difference between here and living elsewhere is that people enjoy life and live in the moment and being here has allowed me the opportunity to do just that.”

Trevor would volunteer his time and skills at local schools to connect with the youth on the island. Determined to share his love of surfing with them, he started a high school program in June 2021 with a total of 12 kids. He got the idea to offer the program after a family approached him on the beach to give them surf lessons. He was thrilled to see how surfing changed their outlook. “You could see the genuine happiness in each student during the summer camp,” he said. From that point on,

Trevor knew he wanted to do more to teach surfing not only to the island’s youth but as many people on the island as possible. Freedom Surf Company was established in August 2021 and the rest is history.

When asked why people should give surfing a try, Trevor shared how therapeutic the sport is. “There aren’t too many activities that help a person’s spiritual, mental and physical health,” he said. “Surfing is a lot like life being that it is a long journey where learning never ends, and the practice of patience is at the center of it all.”

Ready to give surfing a try? Freedom Surf Company offers a money-back guarantee to all customers. They are confident that each student will be able to stand up on their board and ride a first wave to shore by the end of the first lesson. If not, all money for the lesson is returned. Lessons are $75 per person with bundle offers available when 3 or more people take a lesson. They offer weekly sales and promotions with various prizes and giveaways. Visit their website at to book your first lesson or call 585.563.9284 for more information.

Written by Anquanette Gaspard (