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If you are considering purchasing property in St. Croix, you have probably researched owning a home versus owning a condo. Many factors will play into your decision, like whether you plan to live on the island full time and whether you have pets or children?

Do you want to cut your own grass and maintain your pool or would you rather someone else take care of that for you? Do you like being close to your neighbors or do you like the peace and quiet of your own space? The list can go on and on.

Condo HOA fees always seem be the biggest factor when deciding condo life or homeowner living. Many think paying $1000 in monthly HOA fees is far too steep while others find that it’s well worth the cost and the convenience of minimal upkeep. Buyers often weigh the amount they’d spend on hurricane insurance, taxes, lawn care, pest control, common home maintenance, pool care, etc. on a house might far exceed the monthly HOA costs for a condo.

If you go the condo route, make sure you do plenty of research and review the rules and regulations and what is included in the fees. Many times cable and WIFI are included along with pest control and trash pickup.

Each complex HOA is a little different, but one item that remains uniform across the board is your electric bill. Unfortunately, your HOA dues won’t cover your electric usage and you will be billed separately each month either directly by WAPA or the complex. Most complexes bill you separate for water also, usually anywhere from 0.5-0.9 cents per gallon. There are a handful of complexes on island that do include water in the fees, a nice bonus!

To give a better picture about what you can expect at certain condominiums, I break down a few different condos on St. Croix and focus on what is and isn’t included in the fees you pay.


The Reef

The Reef is located on the east end of the island on a golf course and offers owners amazing ocean views. There are 101 condos, consisting of 1 and 2 bedroom units. This complex will allow up to two cats for owners but no dogs. The monthly HOA fees vary some per unit depending on the square footage and can range anywhere from $750-$1100. What will this get you?

-windstorm insurance

-gated entrance with video surveillance

-trash pickup

-swimming pool with pavilion

-tennis court access across the street next to Duggan’s Restaurant

-monthly extermination

-full time manager and maintenance staff onsite

-general upkeep of grounds and common areas, including the pool and road

-onsite water waste treatment plant (water is billed separately at 0.9 cents/gallon)

Cruzan Princess

Cruzan Princess is located mid-island about 10 minutes west of Christiansted. The complex consists of 1 and 2 bedroom units and small dogs and cats for owners are considered. The fees here are billed quarterly and range from $2100-$2500/quarter. What will this get you?

-beach access on the property

-windstorm insurance

-swimming pool

-all exterior maintenance

-gated entrance

-2 full time groundskeepers and onsite manager

-upkeep of grounds and pool

-trash pickup

-includes putting hurricane shutters up and taking down once per hurricane season

St. C

St. C is just a bit west of Cruzan Princess and has great ocean views. You are right on the water, but because the cliff is rocky, so there is no direct beach access. The complex is made up primarily of 1 bedroom units with a handful of 2 bedroom units. Cats are allowed for owners with written approval. The monthly fees range from $600-$650/mo, generally on the lower end of the spectrum. What will this get you?

-windstorm insurance



-gated with security guard

-swimming pool

-pest control

-landscaping and upkeep of grounds

-trash pick up