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So you’re thinking about purchasing property here in St. Croix. There are probably a thousand questions running through your head. Understanding your monthly utility expenses is really important. Many new home buyers are curious about how much high-speed internet might cost or how expensive is power on St. Croix. Below we help answer the questions many of you are facing.

Internet- Don’t worry, you can still work from home and make sure your ZOOM meeting is a success. Internet and WIFI on the island is reasonably priced and can be set up fairly quickly. There are a couple of main providers who offer internet, WIFI, cable and landline options. Most WIFI plans start at around $50 per month. If you’d like a speedier service you can expect to pay around $100 or more each month depending on the internet speed.

Broadband VI & VIYA are great vendors to choose from. Give them a call today and see how they can help. Each have local service technicians on island who are able to help with any maintenance or repairs.

Satellite TV– Believe or not, residents in St. Croix have access to Dish TV and Direct TV.  Depending on which package you choose you can expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150 per month, very similar to stateside. Make sure you check out their website or give them a call for more information.

Electricity You’ve probably already heard that power is expensive on the island and unfortunately that is the truth. WAPA (Water and Power Authority) is a propane run power plant on the north side of the island, just west of Christiansted. Right now power is averaging around 40 cents per kilowatt hour. This is much higher compared to stateside.

Depending on the size of your home, how many AC’s you have, how often you run them and if you have a pool can really increase your bill. Many residents have chosen not to install AC for the simple fact that their electric bill will be much cheaper. St. Croix has amazing breezes throughout the year which makes living without AC doable. On average, a 3 bedroom home, around 1500 sq ft, can expect to see an electric bill of around $250-$350/mo depending on how often the AC is run. If the home doesn’t have AC, you can expect a bill of around $100-$150. You can read more about WAPA here.

Water– Great news! Many of the homes here on St. Croix have cisterns, a large water collection device typically located beneath the home. The cistern collects rainwater which is then used as running water in your home. Many people have a water filtration system to help filter the water for consumption. The great thing about a cistern is that you have no water bill! You do have to depend on mother nature to do her part and rain.

Sometimes if your cistern runs dry you will have to purchase water and have it delivered to your home. This can cost anywhere from around $300-$500 depending on the size of your cistern. Many people have lived in St. Croix for years and have never had to purchase water. Much of it depends on the side of the island you live on. Typically the west end and North shore are the wettest locations meaning you probably wouldn’t need to purchase water often.

If you choose to live in a condo, more than likely you will have a water bill. On average most complexes charge around 5 cents per gallon. Depending on your usage, a water bill can average around $75 per month.

Exterminators- We do live in the Caribbean and unfortunately there are plenty of little bugs and critters that can make their way into your home. Many homeowners choose to have a monthly exterminator come in and spray the exterior and interior of their home. This visit should only take about 15 minutes and cost you about $50-$75 per month.

Try contacting Oliver Exterminating at: (340)774-1630 or Karl Wiklund (340) 513-1790