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Are you thinking about purchasing a house or a condo on this beautiful island? Many buyers have a list of must haves they’re looking for in a property and many times “oceanfront” tops the list! There are obvious pro’s and con’s when living right on the water. Below we break down beachfront living and what to consider when purchasing.

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  1. Stellar Views- When you’re waterfront there is nothing standing in the way of that Caribbean ocean view. There are no houses and no power lines to look past. It’s just you and the sea! More than likely you will be able to watch some of the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets from your very own living room or gallery. There are so many colors of blue to see throughout the day as the sun wisps by. The calming sounds of the ocean are sure to sooth day or night. If you are living inland, you might have a view, but you won’t be able to hear the ocean sounds.
  2. Breezes- When you live on the water lovely ocean breezes are sure to keep you  cool. The breezes really tend to pick up around Christmas time and are called the “Christmas winds” Even if it’s not winter time, consistent Caribbean breezes will flow through your home. This means you don’t have to run your AC 24/7!
  3. Accessibility- If you purchase an oceanfront property, you more than likely must love the water! Living so close to the sea means you will have more time to do the water activities you love, including snorkeling, kayaking, or swimming. No need to drive ten minutes down the road to the nearest beach. You’re already there! Imagine going fishing just a few steps from your back door and bringing dinner home for the family. When you are oceanfront, anything is possible!
  4. Location, Location, Location- Life on the water is what many dream of. Beachfront homes are sought after all over the world. Fortunately in St. Croix many of our waterfront homes are quite affordable compared to many other Caribbean islands but oceanfront typically means your home will have a higher value compared to similar homes that are not on the water. Take a look at some currently listed for sale here-

Waterfront Homes

19 & 20 Cotton Valley MLS # 19-1806


  1. Salty Air- The dreaded salt air that accompanies oceanfront living is no joke. Salty air and sand can take its toll on your home. From your appliances and fixtures, to outdoor equipment and your vehicle, it’s important to understand the corrosive effects of salt air. Try to get in the habit of wiping down surfaces a couple times a week to remove the salt and slow down the corrosion process. An exterior maintenance routine is a must whether you live in the home full time or not. Consider hiring a property manager to handle this type of maintenance for you. This way, when you return to your home it will look just like you remember.
  2. Sand- Most people have a love hate relationship with sand. Sticking your feet in it while lounging on a beach, love- sand in your house, on your clothes in your car, hate! Unfortunately, waterfront and beachfront living means you’re probably very close to sand and the wind will inevitably blow it all around your home or you and your family might bring it in from your afternoon swim. Obviously keeping your windows closed and the AC on will help with some of the dust and sand that makes it’s way in. There comes a point when you will just accept the sand and dust in your home because after all, you do live on the ocean and that’s hard to complain about!
  3. Insurance Costs Unfortunately living on the water can come with a price tag in more ways than one. The dreaded “H” word…Yes, hurricanes are something to think about when purchasing a waterfront home and you want to make sure you are fully covered and insured in the event of one. Insurance costs for beachfront homes are higher than similar homes that are not on the water. Make sure you speak with your Realtor and lender about what financially makes the most sense for you when considering waterfront.
  4. Visitors-Maybe we shouldn’t put this in the “bummer” section, and if you’re a people person, then this could easily be considered a plus, but it is something to think about when buying waterfront. Get ready for people to come out of the woodwork when they hear you own a home at the beach. Oftentimes you’ll be bombarded with requests from others wanting to come and vacation at your home for the week. Don’t be afraid to set limits and realize you can’t please everyone but having guests can be a lot of fun. Showing off the island to visiting friends is something you’ll become a pro at. You almost get to feel like a tourist again as you take them to all the iconic island spots. As fun as playing tour guide is, it is equally exhausting. Remember, there are only so many times you can bring friends to the Cruzan Rum Tour and not get recognized

Whether you choose oceanfront or not, we simply hope you choose St. Croix! This Caribbean island might be small but it really does have so much to offer. Contact an agent with Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty as you continue your home search.

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