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Around the world we all are responding to the current pandemic together. Staying alert to the government updates and doing our part in keeping our family vigilant of our hygiene and health. At this time, one of the most important precautions to take in limiting the spread of the virus is distancing ourselves from public places, public transportation, and each other. What we are being asked to do is practice social distancing. The definition of social distancing according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary  “the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance from other people..”  While many may say we already do a great job of distancing ourselves on St. Croix, here are several ideas to help everyone better get through the social distancing process on our island. 

Our schools and offices are closed. However, education and work must still carry-on. Fortunately, throughout our island we have options for great WiFi providers. Utilize this infrastructure to work from home. Soak in the sea view and enjoy the comfort of your home. Instead of meeting in person, take advantage of video calling options such as Face Time, Google Meet, or Facebook Messenger video. Set up your laptop on your patio next to the mango tree or by the pool under the palms. Whatever it takes, find the easiest way for you and stay engaged.

When you are ready for down time kick off your flip-flops, and go on long beach walks. St. Croix has a surplus of beautiful beaches from west to east. Spending time in the sun and moving your body will help build your immune system and keep your mental state positive. In addition, rarely do we see many large gatherings of people on the beach. Often we tend to have the beaches to ourselves. This is especially true around sunrise. So, if you still have concerns set your alarm for day break and enjoy the morning on a quiet beach to yourself. Once it is time to get the heart rate up a few more notches, take a hike! St. Croix has many hiking trails to choose from. Miles of diverse terrain with stunning views around every bend. For details on the best hiking trails around our island check out our July 2019 Blog titled Take a Hike.

If walking along on an isolated beach or hiking through the lush rain forest sounds too lonely. Consider fostering a dog to keep you company for a day, or two weeks.. Our local shelter appreciates any time that you can donate to helping out with the cats and dogs in their care.  Check out the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center website for more details.

Now the next suggestion is a pretty obvious one. Jump in the Sea. The water is warm! It’s always warm. Grab your float or paddle board and spend the afternoon floating on the west end. Jump off the pier with your snorkel gear and follow the sea turtles around. Keep exploring and find more sea life at Cane Bay on the north shore or Isaac Bay on the east end. Our island has miles of thriving reefs to explore and enjoy. Making swimming our bays a great idea to add into our exercise routines. In addition to swimming, the options of water activities are endless. Spend more time fishing, kayaking, or sailing. These activities keep us connected to the beauty of St. Croix and appreciative of the tropical environment we live in. 

During this period of social distancing it seems inevitable that we will be spending more time in our homes. Presenting an opportunity for us to spruce up our house and complete do-it-yourself projects. This is a great time to remove clutter and do well needed spring cleaning. Block off time this weekend to paint a ceiling, or re caulk a tub. Projects that your kids may be able to assist with or that you can complete in a day or two’s time. These projects can improve your quality of life, increase the value of your property, and will protect your real estate investment. Checking off a few home improvements is especially helpful if you are thinking about selling your property or are currently marketing your house for sale or lease. If you are currently on the market, consider asking your Realtor to film a walk-through video of the house. Or utilize 3-D imaging technology to create renderings of your house. This will aid prospective buyers and tenants in making a more informed decision before ever accessing the house. Possibly cutting down on the amount of showing traffic. 

Across St. Croix we all are experiencing social distancing together. Utilizing our territories infrastructure we have the ability to stay remotely engaged in our daily education, work, and communication. We have the opportunity to stay active outdoors in a stunning tropical environment. And, we have the fortune to relieve any stress by floating in the clear salt water of the Caribbean sea. Our island’s small community is truly helpful in maintaining a positive attitude.