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Christmas is right around the corner and if you are looking for ideas while doing some last-minute holiday shopping, we’ve got you covered! There are several “Crucian” Christmas gifts that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones faces! Not only are these items unique, they are totally St. Croix!


If you’ve ever walked around downtown Christiansted, you’ve probably noticed several jewelry shops selling beautiful handmade pieces. Many on island sell “Chaney”, usually incorporated as a pendent, bracelet, ring or earrings. These unique and colorful china pieces are full of history and each tell their own story.

It is believed that the phrase “chaney” came about after local children made up the word while using the pieces as play money. After combining the words “china” and “money” wa-la, you have chaney!

You might be wondering where the jewelers find all of this chaney. If you have spent any time on St. Croix, more than likely you yourself have found a piece of chaney. Chaney is typically found near beaches and around ruins.

There are a few stories about how chaney got to St. Croix. One explanation is that the pieces of china were thrown overboard from European passenger ships after much of the china had broken during the journey to St. Croix. It’s also said that many plates and cups were thrown overboard to avoid being taxed by their weight. Whatever the reason may be, each piece is surely unique and a cool piece of history on St. Croix!

IB DesignsCruzan Gold and Chaney Chicks are just a few of the many places on the island where you can find beautiful Chaney Jewelry! Shop in person or online to find the perfect piece!

Spirits and Brews!

Who wouldn’t love a bottle of rum for Christmas? Or Vodka? Or better yet, a 6 pack of beer! You’re in luck because you can surprise your loved ones with a variety of locally made spirits and brews this holiday season.

Cruzan Rum offers a variety of flavors in addition to their standard dark or light rum. The Cruzan Rum distillery was founded in 1760 and is located on the historic grounds of the sugar plantation in Estate Diamond.

If rum isn’t your thing, then try some MUTINY Island Vodka, locally made here in St. Croix! The distillery is located mid-island in Sion Farm, and they strive to use local and fresh ingredients. Breadfruit is their secret weapon and there are several different cocktail recipes for you to try!

Leatherback Brewery is another option if you have a beer lover in the family. The brewery opened in 2017 and has been serving up unique island brews ever since. From the “Beach Life” Blonde Ale to the “Island Life ” Lager, you are sure to find something to your liking.



Crucian Culinary Creation 

If your loved one enjoys being in the kitchen, then these mahogany cutting boards created by Chad Sheraw are the perfect gift idea! Sheraw designs is a family business located in St. Croix that specializes in handcrafted mahogany home décor.

Mahogany trees grow throughout St. Croix and can survive up to 350 years! The wood is very durable and has great workability. The beautiful color and quality of the cutting boards make these gifts very special. Find out more information about these cutting boards and more at the Sheraw Designs Facebook page.

We encourage you to shop local and to support not only these businesses, but all the Crucian businesses operating on island. Happy Holidays!