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The beauty of living on St. Croix is that a beach and crystal clear water is never more than a 15 minute drive away. Our island is 28 miles long and seven miles wide completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea – Isn’t that one of the (many) reasons we are all lured to visit or move to the US Virgin Islands?

We often receive the request to search for property in a waterfront community where you can walk to a neighborhood beach or live in a community where you can hear the waves rolling in. For those of you that are interested in living in a waterfront neighborhood here are some of our waterfront communities that may interest you.

Green Cay Beach

Green Cay: Green Cay, some know it as Miss Bea, is an East End community comprised of waterfront homes, hillside cottages and a beachfront condo complex. This beachfront community is located just around the corner from Chenay Bay and Cheeseburgers in Paradise. There is a long stretch of sand great for invigorating beach walks or simply sprawling out under the shade of a palm tree. There are areas where you can walk into the water to rinse off. For our avid snorkelers, there is a beautiful reef just off the shore where you can swim with a school of fish or admire the array of colorful sea fans.


Carden Beach: This gated community on the East End consists of waterfront villas, luxury homes and  condos. This community has a swimming pool, nicely paved roads, tennis courts, manned guard gate and an on-site gym. Majority of the waterfront is rocky while enjoying a constant breeze and beautiful Buck Island views. Carden Beach has beach access located on the north east side of the community that is walking distance for all residents.

Buccaneer Bay Estates (Shoys/Anna’s Hope): This gated community has one of the most beautiful beaches on the East End! Its crescent shaped beach with calm waters is shaded by coconut palms – great for napping, walking, swimming and for the more adventurous, snorkeling, paddleboarding or surfing.   There are beachfront homes on the Shoys side of the neighborhood while the other homes are a walking or golf-cart distance away. Buccaneer Bay Estates abuts the Buccaneer Hotel and world class golf course. Enjoy the resort lifestyle right in your backyard!

Shoys Beach

Southgate Farm: Many may refer to this neighborhood as Green Cay because it is the home of Green Cay Marina. However, this East End neighborhood is formally known as Southgate Farm. The neighborhood beach is sandy and can be reached by foot or car (with room to park). Another beach option for all to enjoy in this neighborhood is located opposite the marina abutting the Deep End Bar and Grill at the Tamarind Reef Resort and Spa. This beach is maintained by the hotel staff, has great snorkeling (with snorkel gear for rent), paddleboard and kayak rentals, tiki-huts with lounge chars (rental) and volleyball. Be sure to make it out there on a Saturday to join in on the fun by the net!

Judith’s Fancy: This mid-island, waterfront community is gated with paved roads making it the ideal neighborhood for walkers and runners (the kids will love riding their bikes, too). The neighborhood is conveniently and centrally located off of North Side road. There are beachfront homes and villas up in the hills enjoying views to the east and over Salt River. The neighborhood beach is great for relaxing on the sand or taking a short stroll. The lull of crashing waves is constant thanks to the trade winds from the north east. Some surfers may even brave those rolling waves! Your pick of a swimmable beach is just a short drive away in either direction.

Cruzan Sands Villa in Salt River

Salt River: Just past the Salt River Marina to the left is a gated waterfront community where all lots and homes enjoy living on the water. This north shore neighborhood is flanked by Gentle Winds and the sandy beach at Columbus Landing. Many adventures await you in the Salt River neighborhood – take a cruise out of the marina, strike a yoga pose on the beach, explore the history of Columbus landing or take a bioluminescent kayak tour with our friends at The Bush Tribe.


Enfield Green:  Located on the south west side of the island minutes to the airport you will find this waterfront neighborhood. The waterfront is sandy, great for a short stroll along the beach or lounging under the shade of an umbrella. The neighborhood is tucked back just a short distance from Melvin’s Highway making it easy to get wherever you need to go – Jet on over to the West End to enjoy the sunset on the beach or head in the other direction for shopping in Sunny Isle.

There are many other places on island where you can enjoy waterfront living – the north shore offers dramatic waterfront properties in a rural setting with world-class diving, the West End is known for its postcard perfect beaches and gorgeous sunsets and the eastern part of the island has sandy coves and dramatic, rocky waterfront real estate options. St. Croix is the ideal place to come live by the sea!