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So you’ve just purchased a new home in beautiful St Croix. There are stunning views, great breezes and sandy beaches all around you, but you’re missing one thing…a swimming pool! Have no fear, you can get one installed within just a couple months making your island home absolutely perfect.

We know many buyers often wonder what the process is like with installing a pool, how soon it can be done and what the maintenance is like. We recently spoke with Owner and Operator Lenn DePalma at AquaTek and he explained the process is not as intimidating as it might appear.

AquaTek specializes in fiber glasses pools instead of the more traditional concrete pool. Lenn said a fiberglass pool simply lasts longer and the installation time is faster compared to concrete. He says everyday in the Caribbean there is seismic activity and tremors from small earthquakes. Most of the time you cannot feel them but a concrete pool tends to crack a lot faster due to these tremors. The fiberglass is flexible and not as rigid as concrete.

Lenn said the pools can be installed in just a matter of a few weeks. It also takes a few weeks to have the pool model/shape shipped from Florida, but from start to finish, a customer can have new pool in just a couple of months!

Maintaining the pools are also easier because they come with a salt chlorination system. You no longer have to worry about pool tablets. The chlorination system makes a natural soft chlorine. What’s even better is the pools come with a 25-year guarantee!

So if you are stressed because your home does not have a pool, just remember, there are options!

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