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St. Croix is known for its stunning scenery, rich history and of course the locally made rum. Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan have always been popular attractions, but there is a new distillery in town who isn’t barreling rum, but instead distilling vodka. MUTINY Island Vodka is the first of its kind in St. Croix. Locally grown breadfruit is their key ingredient and they are excited to share this new concoction with the island.

If you missed their grand opening in Sion Farm this past weekend, don’t worry, because you can now tour the facility, Tuesday-Saturday 12-7pm. You will get an up close and personal experience of the Artisan stills in action, enjoy cocktails in the tasting room or at the bar. There is also a special event space you can reserve.

Much of the breadfruit used to make MUTINY Island Vodka is locally grown. It is a staple food in many tropical regions like St. Croix and a single tree can produce up to 200 fruits per season. Many consider the fruit to have a potato like texture with a sweet fragrant taste.

Founder Todd Manley says the idea of MUTINY Island Vodka came from his vision of creating a distilled spirit utilizing local ingredients that represent the richness of the island. MUTINY plans to first distribute in the USVI and Puerto Rico, eventually expanding throughout the United States.

There are several unique ways to enjoy MUTINY Island vodka. For ideas and suggestions on the perfect cocktail, you can visit their website.