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Whether you’re strolling the boardwalk in Christiansted, enjoying the beautiful beaches out west or even eating dinner at one of our amazing resorts, you will more than likely hear some live Caribbean music. St. Croix has many talented musicians who offer a unique island flair to their performances. One of St. Croix’s most recognized voices is Crucian native, Kurt Schindler. We recently sat down with Kurt to discuss his love for music and why St. Croix means so much to him.

Kurt Schindler was born in St. Croix in 1971 and says he started playing the piano before he can even remember. He attributes his technical abilities to his dad, who also played the piano, accordion and harmonica. Kurt knows he received his rhythmic sense from his Cuban mother who is a great dancer.

Songwriting is something that has always come easy to Kurt. He remembers writing his first song at the age of 5. He has written a number of songs throughout the years and says some songs are for himself and only he enjoys the experience, while others he might perform for years.

Kurt can be found playing a guitar, banjo, ukulele, violin, flute, saxophone, congas, and the list goes on. “I consider myself master of none but will attempt to play anything.” Kurt doesn’t always play by himself. Many times he can be found jamming with friends and often sings with the group, “The Drunk Dumplins.” Kurt might be most known for his electric performance each year on The Heineken Boat for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Downtown Christiansted turns into a sea of green and music fills the air.

Kurt says the beauty of the island and its people is what he loves most about St. Croix. “I am so lucky to live on an island with so many music lovers and dancers that molded me into the musician I am today.” Kurt says that living on this island requires a special person that respects local traditions and community.

When he’s not entertaining Kurt likes to spend his time on the ocean. Sailing, surfing and kiting are a few of his favorites, although he admits he never does it enough. We all know a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Kurt says his go to Crucian dish is pressure cooked conch with butter sauce, rice and provisions.

These days you can find Kurt playing at a variety of venues, including Rhythms at Rainbow Beach, Sylvie’s on the Northshore or Shupe’s on the Boardwalk in Christiansted. One thing is for sure, when attending one of Kurt’s show, his music will make sure to get you on your feet.