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So you’ve just listed your home with Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty (hopefully 😊) — and you want it sold quickly. Your agent may schedule an open house so other real estate agents and potential home buyers can view the home. St. Croix open houses are done a little differently compared to stateside. On island they are held on Tuesdays and each week showcase a different area of the island. Although our open houses mainly attract other real estate agents, be prepared for some buyers to also attend.

The “first impression” of your home is everything. In order to have a successful open house your realtor may suggest some tips to highlight your home’s features. Because we do live in the Caribbean, it’s ok to have some fun with this and showcase your home with some island flair.

8 Open House Tips for Selling Your Home

  1. Capitalize on Natural Light — Open those windows and doors! St. Croix is a sunny place and don’t be afraid to show that. Opening windows also shows how nice the island breeze is.
  2. Colorful Flowers — St. Croix has beautiful fresh flowers all over this island. No need to pay for them. Many grow wild or possibly even in your yard. Put a few in a vase and viola! You have created a beautiful pop of color.
  3. Background Music — Consider playing some light Caribbean or tropical music in the background. This is a fun touch with a great impact.
  4. Fresh Scents — If you choose to use a scented candle or air freshener, keep it light and minimal. Scents that are too strong can end up being off-putting rather than helping.
  5. Curb Appeal — Make sure your landscaper has mowed the lawn and your kids have picked up all their outside toys. Plant some flowers and remove any and all “extra’s” that don’t need to be in your yard. Does your front door need to be re-painted? Do you need to replace an outdated light fixture? Typically, there are several inexpensive things you can do to enhance the curb appeal of your home.
  6. Fresh Coat of Paint — This is a simple touch that makes a lasting impression. Choose a pop of color on an accent wall or keep it neutral. A fresh coat looks clean and can be an inexpensive touch to help sell your home faster.
  7. De-Clutter — It’s difficult for a home buyer to see themselves in your home if your stuff is everywhere. This is a simple fix that makes a great impact. Donate what you don’t need to a local shelter. Less is more!
  8. A Good Scrub — Sometimes all a home needs is good cleaning. Spend some time tidying up whether it be mopping the floors, dusting, or sweeping. Everyone likes a clean home.