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A beautiful landscape in Cotton Valley — view the listing

St. Croix is lush with exotic flora, and many Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty homes for sale boast beautiful landscapes of tropical trees. Now is a good time of the year to be planting if you’ve been dreaming of a yard full of St. Croix natives.

This weekend there are two opportunities to procure trees. St. Croix Environmental Association is having a Native Tree Giveaway, including lignum vitae, calabash, desert cassia, and divi divi, at ARTfarm on Saturday, January 19, beginning at 10am.  And the St. George Village Botanical Garden Nursery is having a Plant Sale, releasing many rare plants, on January 19 from 9am to 2pm. Both organizations are also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to trees on St. Croix.

Also, save the date for the 48th annual Virgin Islands AgriFest February 16-18 where you’ll find all sorts of trees and plants for sale by Virgin Islands farmers. This is a great opportunity to talk with the farmers and get great advice.

What are trees important?

Our friends at SEA share that trees are important to “enhance habitat biodiversity, increase wildlife populations and reduce coastal threats.” Trees provide shade, which can help keep your home and outdoor living spaces cool if the appropriate type of trees are planted in a strategic location. Trees provide food and habitat for many animal species, and they help purify our air and water. SEA encourages you to seek out trees that are native to St. Croix because they are adapted to our environmental conditions, meaning they will require less care and are more likely to thrive.