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GOOD LUCK to all of the St. Croix Triathlon athletes participating in The Beauty & The Beast this weekend! This is the 30th running (and swimming and biking) of a triathlon on St. Croix and we are proud to host world-class athletes.

photo courtesy of the St. Croix Triathlon

The event starts at Hotel on the Cay in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Christiansted Harbor, thus “The Beauty”. There are three waves: half Ironman distance swim of 2 km (1.24 mile); Sprint distance swim of 800 m; and Aquathon distance swim of 800m.

From there, the half Ironman athletes set off on a 56 mile cycle, which includes a 600 ft. climb with an average grade of 14 percent and a maximum grade of 21 percent. This hill is called “The Beast” and the second half of the triathlon’s namesake. Sprinters set off on an 8 mile ride that includes Lowry Hill. Aquathoners go straight in to a 4 mile run.

Once back to the Fort, half Ironman athletes do a half marathon or 13.1 miles. The run takes them out and back to The Buccaneer twice! Sprinters do a 4 mile run before meeting the Aquathon finishers back at the Fort.

It’s an exciting day filled with strength and stamina! Learn more and check out the other activities surrounding the St. Croix Triathlon.

(and good luck to Renee, our blogger and St. Croix Calendar administrator, in the Sprint race!)