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It’s not too surprising that nature inspires the color palette of homes on St. Croix. Varying shades of turquoise Caribbean waters, breathtaking sunsets of yellows, purples and pinks, and the vibrant colors of lush vegetation define our island home. And we bring those colors into our homes to reflect the tranquility and vibrancy of nature. Nature-inspired colors make our St. Croix homes inviting and relaxing.

But how to select the best colors for your St. Croix home?

First, it’s important to realize the light source. Natural sunlight varies with the time of day and the type of lighting, fluorescent or LED, can affect how you see different colors. A paint chip in the store may look drastically different in your home.
Tip: Select colors under the light to be used in any given space.

Colors stimulate our brains. Colorful spaces often encourage creativity, while pale colors promote tranquility and sleep. Reds, oranges and yellows are known as warm colors, and are also said to evoke hunger. Colors on the blue side of the spectrum, including purples and greens, are known as cool colors, and can be calming.
Tip: Consider the purpose of each room and select a color that evokes the intended feeling.

Interestingly, even the names of colors can affect our response to them. For instance, are you more likely to respond to the color brown or mocha? You may feel particularly drawn to colors that incorporate island terms in their names, like Caribbean Coral, Beach House, or Open Seas.
Tip: While the name shouldn’t be the most important thing to consider, there is definitely something to the connection between a nature-inspired name and the feeling the color evokes.

You can also get creative with textures. You can create inviting spaces by pairing natural colors with various textiles. Contrasting your color scheme with fabric and tile textures can be reminiscent of water ripples and sandy beaches.
Tip: Integrate natural wood, bamboo, slate and stone to bring nature into your space.

In an interview with Better Homes & Gardens, Joanna Gaines of the popular house renovation show, Fixer Upper, says that she’s keeping her eyes on these colors in 2018:

  • muted pastels
  • colors inspired by nature
  • no-fail neutral whites
  • dark moody hues
  • bold statement colors

Tap the Internet for resources to stimulate your creativity, but definitely visit a local paint store for DIY ideas, and to get paint chips and samples to view in your home.

Bright colors give this ‘Yacht Club Hill’ home a cheerful vibe. Listed by David Fedeles.

Turquoise blue makes this room feel open and airy. Listed by David Fedeles.

Sunset pink is a popular indoor and outdoor color in the Caribbean. Listed by Team isLand-de Wilde.

This turquoise almost brings this condo’s private pool inside. Listed by David Fedeles.