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Sunrise from a Villa Madeleine condo

Merriam-Webster defines LUXURY as 1) a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort; 2) a. something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary, or b. an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease.

The Middle-English word was derived from the Anglo-French word which came from the Latin luxuria. Luxury was reserved for the privileged and exclusively enjoyed by an elite few. The first known word use dates to the 14th century so not surprisingly, we’re seeing luxury differently in the 21st century.

A Paradigm Shift

Dream kitchen in Green Cay

Luxury is no longer exclusive. Society is turning the concept on its head, with the focus on acquiring stuff being replaced by more intangible valuables: authentic experiences and quality of life.

We have discovered that we can seek luxury in our experiences –- in beauty, knowledge, adventure, and relationships. Luxury can be a sunset over the Caribbean Sea, the sounds of nature in your backyard, a moment of peace and satisfaction, a perfect cup of coffee, or a captivating book. Luxury, from this perspective, reminds us to love and fully embrace the life we’re living.

Growing pineapples, a coconut palm and herbs in Green Cay

Take, for example, a simple luxury like a fresh cup of coffee. One may find luxury in stopping at TLC, Twin City Coffee House, or Polly’s at the Pier for their morning joe. Another may relish in grinding their own Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters beans, steeping the aromatic grounds in a French press, and enjoying coffee while taking in the sunrise from their own terrace.

What is your idea of luxury?

Just the thought of living in the Virgin Islands may sound luxurious to many. At Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty, we help our clients visualize their dream home and truly define their idea of luxury. What is yours?

Sunset at Shoys

You might picture yourself in a tranquil setting with an awe-inspiring view of the Caribbean Sea. There you are, lounging by your pool, sipping a cold drink… Yet another might envision taking a short stroll to a pristine, white sand beach to take a dip in the ocean.

Maybe your passion is cooking, so your luxury is a chef’s kitchen with plenty of space to entertain. Or you might dream of a tropical garden filled with colorful flowers and native fruit trees, like banana, coconut, avocado, or mango. Perhaps your foodie senses are better fulfilled by being within walking distance or a short drive to your favorite restaurants.

Do you like to greet the morning with sunrise yoga? Or toast the day with cocktails at sunset? Maybe both – our sunrises and sunsets on St. Croix are equally breathtaking!

Find YOUR luxury

Whether you live on St. Croix, are considering a move, or vacation here, we are sure that St. Croix will have something that fits into your vision of luxury.