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Have you ever considered moving to paradise, but wonder how the cost of living compares? St. Croix lifestyle and homes are somewhat different than on the mainland. Oftentimes, an expensive category is offset by a no- or low-expense category. Though data is somewhat limited for our quaint, relatively undiscovered island haven, we might be able to shed a little light on the topic.

Experian reports the median income in the United States is $53,046 and the median cost of living broken down by category is:

  • groceries 13%
  • housing 29%
  • utilities 10%
  • transportation 12%
  • health care 4%
  • goods & services 32%

According to reported data, the cost of living in Christiansted, St. Croix USVI, is overall comparable to Boston, MA (with St. Croix housing costs significantly lower) and Honolulu, HI (with St. Croix housing, clothing and restaurant costs reported lower, comparable electricity costs and somewhat higher food costs).

Since real estate is our area of expertise, we’ll start there. The median sold price for homes in St. Croix is $280,000, according to our managing broker, Amy Land de Wilde. Zillow states that the median sold price for homes in the United States is $228,200.

50 S Slob has a solar array that offsets the cost of electricity

With a home (and those magnificent ocean views) also comes other expenses. The cost of electricity tends to be higher on St. Croix than in the States (currently —┬ápun intended — $0.32/kWh; national average is $0.12/kWh) . That said, the majority of homes have cisterns and septic systems and, therefore, don’t have a municipal water/sewer expense. Year-round sunshine also makes St. Croix homes ideal candidates for solar panels, which help reduce or eliminate your electric bill and have a quick return on investment.

Trash service is available in some areas, but many residents choose to take their own trash to a municipal waste site. That’s another expense that a household stateside might typically have in their budget that offsets expenses on St. Croix.

St. Croix does have a property tax, but there is no sales tax, or state, county, or city taxes.

One thing that many people expect to be more expensive on an island is gas; however, St. Croix is in a unique position as a fuel storage location. The current price per gallon on St. Croix is $2.59, compared to the current national average of $2.53. Check out prices for other basics on St. Croix for a cost of living comparison to your location and lifestyle.

Of course, one commodity that almost always boasts a smaller price tag on St. Croix is our Cruzan Rum! A distillery tour is a must and most visitors end up leaving with a duty-free case of their favorite flavors at a fraction of the price they would pay stateside.

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