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FYI Network’s Waterfront House Hunting recently featured St. Croix and our very own Amy Land-de Wilde had a cameo.

Chris and Renee were looking for their dream island home to share with their pets and stateside visitors. They saw three homes ranging from $525,000 to $675,000 with features like pools and chef’s kitchens — and always spectacular views!

Watch the Coastal St. Croix Masterpieces episode to see which house they picked!

Chris and Renée

Chris and Renée moved to St. Croix in June 2015 with their two dogs and two cats. They both have close ties to Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty. Chris is our go-to appliance guy and Renee writes our blog and manages the St. Croix Calendar. They moved from Indianapolis, IN (where it’s currently 0 degrees, as I write this!) and couldn’t be happier with their decision.

“Renée is looking for a house with plenty of room for visiting friends and family, while Chris wants to make sure that their new home has land for their dogs to roam, plus amazing views.”

Waterfront House Hunting

In “Waterfront House Hunting,” host, Seth Stisher, works with families and couples to find a new home in a desirable location, with one major requirement: easy access to the water. Every buyer is unique – whether they’re looking for a spacious yard perfect for entertaining, a modern kitchen for a master level chef or an easy commute via boat, Seth helps points them in the right direction and prioritizes their needs.