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The Flamboyant trees are in full bloom on St. Croix! The tree goes by many names — delonix regia, royal poinciana, flame tree or, as some jokingly refer to it, the non-tourist tree because it’s flowering season is May through September when tourism slows down. Well, we don’t think it’s fair that tourists don’t get to see this beautiful part of St. Croix’s natural landscape, so we thought we’d share some photos with you!

This blooming flamboyant tree greets you at the entrance of Villa Larimar, 4 Betsy’s Jewel. View the listing

The flowers of the flamboyant tree are four petals of scarlet or orange-red with a fifth upright petal spotted with red, yellow and white. Flowers appear in clusters at the end of a branch. Trees full with blooms are a burst of color along hillsides. Seeing one along the road is almost as breathtaking as rounding a bend to the brilliant turquoise of the Caribbean Sea.

Wherever you are, we hope that Mother Nature is showing off her natural beauty this summer!