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Being affiliated with the worldwide Coldwell Banker network comes with a great sense of pride. Not just for the brand recognition and century-old reputation for success, but for the compassion and generosity exhibited by leadership and our partner agencies.

Coldwell Banker’s 2017 advertising campaign, Somebody to Love, represents the more than 20,000 homes that have been made happier with a dog through their Homes for Dogs Project. The television commercial tells the story of two lost souls, a man and a dog, on a journey to find “home”.

The company also shared The Making of Somebody to Love, which is equally adorable.

A Few of the Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty Fur Family

Corinne rescued Finn from a shelter in Florida and he is now a coconut retriever on St. Croix. Corinne and her husband have also rescued Chewie (a bush puppy who looks like a Chewbacca) and Ronald a 9 year old kitty.

Kristi is pictured with her feathered and fur kids. She found Leo wandering a parking lot 5 years ago. Bella is a shelter rescue who came in with a litter of Rottweiler pups. They’re not sure how a chocolate lab got in the mix, but she’s part of the family now!

This is Kali and her blue pit bull, Roxy, who loves the water and meeting new people.

Tammy and her faithful Liza Loo are always smiling!

Animal Rescues on St. Croix