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It rained all night on the East End. That kind of rain that’s perfect for sleeping — gentle, comforting white noise.

bougainvillea-in-the-rainSometimes when it rains like this, I think about the tourists. They chose this one week to escape to paradise and now they’re trapped indoors. My daughter has a friend visiting this week. She had one gorgeous day and now rain is in the forecast through the weekend. Will she be disappointed not to have enough beach time? I’m sure they’ll find other ways to enjoy their time together.

Then I think about my cistern. How full it must be! And the farmers rejoicing that their plants are getting a good drink and their water reserves are replenished. The hillsides and pastures will be so green in the coming weeks. I love the sound of the happy frog croaks and bird chirps echoing in my backyard.

I started my day at The Courtyard in class with Stacey Stone. Her Eldoa class always challenges me, but leaves me feeling calm and ready to take on the day. The rain, combined with the deep stretching, made us feel extra relaxed and we joked that we should get the day off. Stacey said maybe we could call it a snow day. Things do seem quieter and people tend to stay in on days like this — just like a snow day without the mad dash to buy milk and bread at the store.

The other thing about a rainy day on St. Croix, there’s almost always a rainbow. I haven’t seen one yet today, but I have no doubt that one will appear when someone needs to see it most.