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We’re not going to lie, we think living on the beach is about as close to perfect as you can get. But, as much as we love it, we know there are some cons to owning beachfront property. Here’s our list of pros and cons, though you’ll have to scroll pretty far to find the cons!

Pros of Beachfront Property

Shoys BeachYou literally live where other people pay big bucks to vacation for a week.

The view never gets old! The beauty of a sunrise and sunset over the water is breathtaking. All the hours in between are pretty spectacular too!

There’s no need for an expensive white noise machine. When the ocean is outside your window, you hear the relaxing sounds of the waves all the time.

You can solve just about all of the world’s problems while sitting at your beachfront property, staring at the water, contemplating life.

From the relaxing sounds to the calming colors to the health benefits of being in salt water to the wonderful daily dose of Vitamin D, the ocean is very healing.

paddle-boardThere’s always something to do when you live on the beach, like go for a walk, snorkel, swim, daydream, fish, paddle board, kayak or a number of other water activities.

Waterfront property is usually accompanied by incredible breezes that will keep your home and outdoor living space nice and cool.

Your beachfront property home value is likely much higher than similar homes that aren’t on the beach.

It’s all about Location, Location, Location and the beach is a pretty sought-after location!

Beachfront property on St. Croix, compared to other islands and stateside locations, is quite affordable.

Cons of Beachfront Property

No matter whether you have an outdoor shower or not, sand in your house is inevitable.

Some beaches more than others, you may have to deal with tourists and other locals hanging out around your backyard.

Salty air can take its toll on your things, especially electronics.

Development costs for beachfront property can be slightly more expensive. Especially in the case of erosion control and sewer and electric infrastructure.

Insurance for a beachfront property tends to be a bit higher.

Your in-laws might want to visit for extended periods of time!