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What is living on St. Croix like?

Island living is a lifestyle and mindset. Just imagine waking up every morning with a rich cup of coffee in your hand and watching a glorious sunrise over the Caribbean or strolling along the sandy shoreline of our sparkling turquoise waters. How about ending the day toasting a “green flash” at sunset with a sweet rum punch? From scenic surroundings to water sports, Quelbe music, local cuisine and friendly people, the laidback way of life available on St. Croix is waiting for you.

For most of us, not everyday is a vacation, but it sure seems that way! The vast majority of local residents hold fulltime jobs and face the same daily concerns one experiences on the mainland. Except we get to start and end our days with the stroll along the beautiful shoreline to rewind! Often after a day’s work, residents go home to their families or out for happy hour with friends to catch the sunset. On Fridays or weekends, we might have a night out under a sky full of stars or perhaps go to the movies, to dinner at one of our many fine restaurants, bowling, to a crab race, a local bar to have drinks and dance or over to a friend’s house for dinner. This is a very social island!

Many residents own watercrafts and with the wonderful year-round weather, fishing, sailing, power boating, windsurfing, and diving are popular weekend and holiday activities. Golf and tennis are popular pastimes on the island. Festivities also abound to keep everyone busy on St. Croix such as: Jump Up, First Friday, Art Thursday, Carnival, Starving Artist exhibits, Half Iron Man, Mango Melee, Sunset Jazz, theater productions at Caribbean Community Theater and concerts on the Island.

As the weekend comes to an end, many residents spend their Sunday mornings at one of our many churches worshipping and singing. Sundays are also for get-togethers with families and friends at the beach, a day trip to Buck Island or lying in the hammock under the grapetrees.

Despite its many positive aspects, island living may not suit everyone. Some get “island fever” because life on St. Croix is laid back. Many people enjoy the tranquility and freedom the island life provides, and for some it can be too relaxed. Those who embrace the lifestyle fall in love with the island and stay for years, if not forever. It is highly recommended that you visit the island for an extended stay to see if island life is right for you.

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