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St. Croix is 84 square miles in size, 22 miles long and the widest point is a little more than 6 miles. The terrain on the east end of the island is rocky and arid with short grassy hillsides and many cactus clusters. The west end of the island is lush with large fruit trees and ferns gracing the mountains. In the middle are miles of beautiful beaches, rolling pasturelands and beautiful land. St. Croix’s highest peak, Mount Eagle, is 1,088 feet high. The land slopes to flatlands on the southern side of the island. There are two main towns Frederiksted and Christiansted. There are a few natural harbors and protected bays. St. Croix is about 40 miles away from St. Thomas.

Now is our rainy season, the “low” season for tourism (but it’s always a good time to visit St Croix). Tropical showers are short and a respite from the heat of summer. Trade winds blow all year and keep the climate pleasant. Warm summer days may reach into the 90s, while chilly winter evenings can dip into the high 60s, but these are truly the extremes.

Expect sun, sun, and more sun to be a constant feature of St. Croix weather, an agreeable year-round mix of bright blue skies and fresh breezes. St. Croix weather is tropical, meaning that temperatures change very little from season to season.

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