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King, Queen and Prince Quarters are often referred to as “Mid Island” and have a mix of residential neighborhoods, businesses, culture and history. You’ll find nearly every type of property here, from vacant land to commercial real estate, apartments and condos to single family homes.

Located between Queen and Prince Quarters, King Quarter shares its north border with Northside B and is bordered to the south by the ocean. The landscape is flat, especially compared to other parts of the island, and the rain belt begins in this area and sweeps west.

When you’re ready to move to St. Croix, if you ship belongings by boat, your container is likely to arrive in King Quarter. The La Reine farmer’s market, with a bounty of local produce, fish and prepared goods, is open on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Locals will say you must arrive before sunrise to get “the good stuff,” but we have found plenty of goodies during mid-morning hours. The Diageo Rum Production Facility (Captain Morgan) is another King Quarter landmark.