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We’d like to introduce you to Lauryn Joseph Mandryk, founder and interior stylist of JOĒ Interiors. Lauryn and her husband moved to St. Croix on a whim two years ago. They bought a one-way ticket, leaving their New England home, and never looked back.

Lauryn’s photographer-eye and interior design experience make her a great resource for both buyers and sellers, and we’re sure to keep her business card close-at-hand.

She says, “Whether you’re selling your home, renting it out, or struggling with the inherited furniture & style of a new home purchase, interior styling can play an integral role in refreshing your space.” We asked Lauryn to share some tips-of-the-trade in regard to buying and selling real estate. She had so much great information, we decided to share it with you in three parts.

Our first question to Lauryn: What are you top tips for styling a home to be put on the real estate market?

“I’m a list maker, so I find the best way to make the styling process manageable is to break it down into 3 steps: remove, repurpose & supplement:

  1. Selling your home is an emotional process and It isn’t easy to hear that someone may not like the collection of 6-foot Disney character sculptures you traveled the world to collect.  But, you have to ask yourself is it worth hindering the sale of the home to keep them out in the living room for all to see…or moreover, get distracted by?  “Oh, there’s a view?  I didn’t notice over Mickey’s head!”.  All jokes aside, as painful as it is, the first tip in styling a home for sale is to walk through and take out the clutter, as well as anything that is overly personal or bold.  When in doubt, throw it out (or at least store it away).
  2. JOE Interiors JOE InteriorsOnce you have a clean slate, go through each room and make sure the furniture & layout is clearly optimizing the function of that room.  Have a spare room that you use as a catch-all?  Clean it out & set it up as an office, using the extra table that was cluttering the living room.  Showcase each room’s purpose & lay them out appropriately.  
  3. Usually people selling their homes need to focus on the removal more than supplementing, but it’s amazing what little details can do to make a big impact.  Pick an accent color that compliments the space & pull everything together using that color.  A hand soap, flowers, a throw pillow, a fruit bowl, shells.  Create small vignettes using your favorite magazine or catalog as inspiration.  The house should feel like a home, but with the option for the potential new owner to put their stamp on it.”

These are great tips, but we know sometimes it’s easier said than done. Our team is always happy to help prepare your home to be listed, but don’t hesitate to ask us for Lauryn’s contact info to help professionally style your house before it goes on the market!

Stay-tuned for Lauryn’s advice for buyers!