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  1. We’re a Tropical Paradise! The sun shines nearly every day, and temperatures average just about 80 degrees. It’s warm and beautiful year-round. Forget winter heating bills.
  2. Beaches! With over 25 palm-lined beaches on St. Croix, you have your pick. Most are quiet, many offer great snorkeling or beach dives, some are perfect for toddlers, others feature volleyball.
  3. We’re U.S.! A United States territory, we use the US dollar and we speak English. Buyers receive a deed and can purchase title insurance; real estate transactions are familiar and easy.
  4. Good Values! Prices beat those on other Caribbean islands, and our waterfront prices are far more affordable than in the States.
  5. Friendliness! We’re good natured and courteous. Islanders open their arms to newcomers. Wherever you go, you will be greeted with ‘Good morning!’ or ‘Good afternoon!’ (Drivers are friendly, too – we always let you into traffic! No sign of road rage here!)
  6. Sunset on St. CroixNatural Beauty! From sandy beaches to hilltop views, from underwater sea life to pelicans and sailboats, from rainforest to nature hikes, beauty surrounds you.
  7. Fun Activities! To name a few: golf, tennis, kayaking, paddleboarding, surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, hiking, swimming, yoga, paddleboard yoga, windsurfing, shell collecting and lazing on the beach with a book. Pick your pleasure.
  8. Great Food! From vegetarian to local-fare food trucks to fine wining and dining, we offer delicious diverse foods in diverse settings. We’re famous for our agriculture, farm-to-table foods, seafood, and our multi-cultural heritage that is reflected in our cuisine. No wonder our St. Croix Food and Wine Experience has gained an international reputation as a top food festival.
  9. Tax Incentives! You may qualify for giant tax benefits if you relocate, start or grow your business on St. Croix. Check out
  10. Change is Good! We embrace a good life and offer opportunity to reinvent yourself and leave the rat race behind. St. Croix is a melting pot of people from all over the world seeking a better way of life. That explains why we’re all so happy here!