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A recent article came out rating St. Croix, USVI as the #1 place to raise a family and we Crucians could not agree more!

Every Tuesday our Coldwell Banker St. Croix Realty team meets and one particular morning we started the meeting with the simple question “Why do you love living on St. Croix?” Our team is made up of born and raised Crucians,  Crucians who have spent 30-40 years here raising their families and a newbie who recently celebrated her 1-year Islandversary (yes, we celebrate our anniversaries with St. Croix!). As our round-table discussion flourished and we all gushed about our love for St. Croix a common theme came about – “raising a family and growing up on St. Croix is truly the best experience”. We put together the top 10 reasons why St. Croix is the BEST place to raise a family and grow up– Perspectives from mothers, neighbors, a 20-something and even an outsider looking in!


  1. Sense of Community! As one of our agents put it “It’s like Mayberry, everyone knows each other and each other’s children and everyone looks out for one another…it’s a village!”
  2. It’s so multi-cultural! St. Croix is a melting pot of cultures and the history of St. Croix is woven into the architecture, food, festivals and traditions. Kids are exposed and influenced by so much diversity!  
  3. The great outdoors! St. Croix is eco-friendly and has the perfect balance of open land and the Caribbean Sea. Kids grow up exploring the aquatic ecosystem that surrounds St. Croix or playing amongst the lush farm land in the rainforest. What better way for kids to appreciate and respect nature then to experience it firsthand!
  4. There is so much for them to do!  Golf, tennis, sailing, scuba diving, horseback riding, paddle boarding, fishing, surfing, swimming, hiking and we even have our very own Olympic Status.
  5. Excellent educational opportunities! Between the education, community and cultural diversity your children will be prepared to leave their nests and take on the world!
  6. St. Croix is a US Territory – Yep, we proudly fly our American Flag next to the VI Flag.
  7. Friends FOREVER! The friendships built on St. Croix are truly so special and last a lifetime.
  8. It is not cliquish and newcomers are accepted into the St. Croix Family with open arms!
  9. Lots of family friendly activities! What better way to bring your family together then to take a hike to Jack and Isaacs Bay and have a picnic on the sand by the Caribbean Sea, watch the sunset at the end of the Frederiksted pier or enter into a crab race and watch your crab, Bob, cross the finish line!
  10. Most Crucians enjoy a “staycation” because living on St. Croix feels like you are on a permanent  vacation. Geographically and culturally you will find that areas of the island are so different from one another and offer unique experiences.   For example  East-Enders will drive over to the Northshore, Frederiksted or into the bush of the Rainforest for a weekend get-a-way.  But of course there is always the perk of being a hop, skip and a jump to a nearby island! It is so easy to jump onto a sea plane and whip over to St. Thomas, St. John or the BVI’s…. But usually after a day or two your St. Croix home is calling you back  – There is no place like home!