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Ziggy’s Island Market transforms their gas station/bar into Munich every October and gives the St. Croix locals the true Octoberfest experience. You’ll find the O-Girls dressed in their dirndls and the gentlemen sporting their lederhosens while downing a brot and chasing it with a bier (beer). The air will be filled with the sounds of a traditional Polka Band and you will uncontrollably find yourself at some point in the night doing the chicken dance!

Enjoy the photos below taken at the 2014 Octoberfest… If you missed it this year, there is always 2015!



St. Croix boasts with diverse individuals who come from all over the world and we are lucky that even though we are 4634.19 miles from Munich we can drive a few minutes down the east end road to have our very own traditional Octoberfest!