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A number of the Islands kids who live in REAL ESTATE ST CROIX attended Cramers Park on Sunday, to see who could swim, bike and run the fastest, in the V.I. Triathlon Federations Grand Finale Junior Triathlon.
Jay Gleason said his son, Kaeden, couldn’t wait to start competing, having grown up around triathlons. Gleason competes himself and during the last two installments of the St. Croix Ironman 70.3, his family has hosted pro athletes at their home.

“There’s only so many of those races around the entire world and to have one here in such a small community, we’re pretty blessed,” he said.

Elizabeth Armstrong, whose daughter, Charlotte was competing, said the outdoor nature of life on St. Croix was ideal from raising little triathletes.

Charlotte said she’d been running triathlons for three years and she enjoyed racing, though she wasn’t happy about the run. She said she struggled a little on the last leg in the race.

The children competed at different distances based on their age groups. The 5-6 age group completed a 25-meter swim, a .5-mile bike ride and a 0.25-mile run. The 7-8 age group completed a 50-meter swim, a .5-mile bike ride and a 0.25-mile run. The 9-11 age group completed a 100-meter swim, a 1-mile bike ride and a 0.5-mile run. The 12-15 age group completed a 200-meter swim, a 3-mile bike ride and a 1-mile run.