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The Sunset Barbeque was one of the final events of the St. Croix Food and Wine Experience. Local chefs gave culinary students a master class in the fine art of barbequing, last Friday at Frederiksted pier.
Tents and tables were set up on the pier on either side of the welcome center, and the guests moved around freely and sampled the barbequed delights.

Teams of three or four students from the St. Croix Career and Technical Educational Complex

culinary team joined each chef at a specified table, helping to prepare the meal from beginning to end.

When organizers of the Food and Wine Experience started brainstorming a new event that could take place on the island’s west end, they worked closely with Anton Doos, the students’ instructor, to make the Sunset Barbeque a reality.

Student Kaylisha Jerris said she was impressed by the chef’s handiwork, and working so closely with the chefs had been a unique educational experience. This was a great experience for all students who took part some of who live in REAL ESTATE ST CROIX.