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Hundreds of people flocked to the main streets of Frederikstad to enjoy the annual Crucian Christmas Festival’s Children’s Parade, many of who live in or are on vacation in ST CROIX RENTALS.
Once again, the parade offered spectators a diverse range of island culture all in one place during St. Croix’s most festive time of year.

“I’m having fun! We’re showcasing our children today,” said Lt. Gov. Gregory Francis, who was shaking hands with parade-goers as he made his way downtown. “They put in a lot of time and preparation, and the only way to show our appreciation is to come out as adults and support them on this day.”

‘This is about embracing the St. Croix culture, which is a mix of many, many cultures, It’s about embracing the food, the music, the clothes we wear, the village and all the activities.”

“The parades, the festival, it’s all about family, friendship and camaraderie, and it’s an opportunity to share our food and arts and crafts,” he said. “It’s a good opportunity for us.” he concluded.