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Darryl Smalls, commissioner of the Department of Public Works, said this week that construction of the Christiansted bypass will not be completed until mid to late November. There will then be a short period of time, during which the construction will be checked before the road is open to the public that live on the island in VIRGIN ISLANDS REAL ESTATE.
In the summer, Smalls testified at a Senate hearing that the bypass would be open in October.

He said his department had decided to upgrade the stoplights used in the project. Rather than under-the-road sensors, the new stoplights will use video cameras to monitor traffic.

He added that the department had decided to use more energy-efficient streetlights than lighting installed elsewhere on the island. He said he was currently waiting for those lights to arrive, but did not expect a delay in delivery.

He then declined to give a firm date for the grand opening, but said he was confident it would be before the end of the year.