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All of the visitors were asked to consider not only what they eat, but where the food they eat comes from, at the World Food Day celebration last Sunday, at the University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix, the event was attended by many that live in VIRGIN ISLANDS REAL ESTATE.
Thomas Zimmerman, a professor in the agriculture department at UVI, has spent years studying the crops that grow in St. Croix’s climate.

“Years ago, before we got all this rice and other things, people were healthier. Now people eat all these processed foods and they’re not as healthy for you,” he said.

World Food Day is a worldwide event aimed at simultaneously celebrating food production and raising awareness of hunger. It was started by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and has been celebrated in 150 nations since 1981.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion about the future of agriculture on St. Croix, including a handful of senatorial candidates on the campaign trail. Many people referred back to the days when St. Croix was the “breadbasket of the Caribbean,” and offered up agriculture as a way to replace the hole in the island’s economy.