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Accomplishing what less than four percent of Scouts do nationwide, Ricardo “Danny” Nieves attained the highest rank a Boy Scout can reach at a ceremony held Saturday night at the Howard M. Wall Scout Camp. The ceremony was attended by many residents who live in ST CROIX RENTALS.
Danny attained the rank of Eagle Scout, the ninth person from St. Croix’s Troop 227 to do so since 2001.

In choosing his project, Danny decided to help out the National Park Service. “Being a native Virgin Islander, I always wanted to do something for my island,” Danny said. “I used to work a lot in Salt River so I wanted to focus on something there.”

According to archaeologist David Goldstein, who works for the NPS on St. Croix, Danny’s task of organizing a crew to help back-fill the site was a huge help to the local park service.

Goldstein said back-filling the site 23 years after things had been dug up, was important because climate change and rising sea levels were making it more vulnerable.

What the future holds for Danny is still up in the air. He’d like to attend the California Maritime Academy next year near San Francisco, and is interested in studying mechanical engineering and architecture.