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Last Saturday on St Croix saw the Department of Agriculture’s second annual Beekeeping “Buzzzar.”
Commissioner Louis Petersen said the event was part of his department’s ongoing Virgin Fresh campaign, which encourages citizens living in REAL ESTATE ST CROIX to buy locally grown produce.

Under a large tent outside Sunshine Mall, local beekeepers sold their honey and explained, “Bees are important because they pollinate many of the fruit crops that we consume and take for granted on a daily basis.”

The event was part of an ongoing effort to promote beekeeping in the territory which began in 2008, Petersen said. “At that time the territory received a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to conduct a 12-week program that trained 100 new beekeepers.”

Errol Chichester, one of the people to sign up for the department’s beekeeping training in 2008 said “ I have always been fascinated by bees, but never tried to raise them. Now I keeps between 50 and 60 active hives which harvest around between 20 and 100 pounds of honey from each hive.”