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The St. Croix Animal Welfare Center is to perform free spay and neutering for cats and dogs, from a mobile unit that is now covering the island.
“A dog’s quality of life is better when they have been spayed or neutered,” said Mike Meluskey, AWC board president. “It gets rid of certain health threats. The boys don’t roam and die from cars hitting them or other dangers.”

He said the center wants to make it affordable and easy for people living in ST CROIX RENTALS to walk up and drop off their animals for the procedure, and come back around four hours later to pick up their pet.

Sadly, the center took in around 4,000 animals last year and had to put down around 3,000 because of overpopulation.

The mobile unit made its debut on Aug 25th at the AWC Flea Market in Estate Richmond, where 25 animals were spayed and neutered. On Saturday the unit was at the Agricultural Fairgrounds where 15 animals were treated.

“We were so excited to bring the mobile spay and neuter service to the fairgrounds,” said Dr. Kellie Heckman, director of the AWC’s spay and neuter program.