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The Virgin Islands Olympic Committee are to open an exhibition, featuring items from past Olympic games that the territory has participated in, including memorabilia, old uniforms and information about the current Olympians, this is a must see exhibition for anyone living in VIRGIN ISLANDS REAL ESTATE
“We’re dedicating the exhibit to help educate Virgin Islanders and visitors to the Virgin Islands about the Olympic movement,” said Yuri Gaspar, exhibit organizer and committee member. The exhibition came about when the committee realized Virgin Islanders know very little about their Olympians, Gaspar said. The exhibition gives community members an opportunity to come together to learn about the athletes representing them, he said.

This year, the territory is represented by four track and field participants, two sailors and one swimmer. The athletes are Cy Thompson and Mimi Roller for Laser Class Sailing; Branden Whitehurst, swimming the 100 meter freestyle; and Tabarie Henry, running the 400 meters, Laverne Jones-Ferrett and Allison Peter doing the 100 meter and 200 meter run, and Muhammed Halim taking part in the triple jump.

Hans Lawaetz, president of the Olympic Committee , also applauded the athletes. Qualifying standards have become more difficult over the years because every sport is limited in the number of athletes it can accept. Having seven athletes from a small territory is a great achievement, he said.