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Last Saturday at Christiansted wharf saw the Department of Housing, Parks, and Recreation’s Kids Fishing Tournament.
Commissioner St. Claire Williams said “We’re teaching kids about fishing because that used to be our pastime,” Williams said. “You’d be surprised. We had big time fishermen back then who couldn’t even swim.”

Williams said children today have much less interaction with the water, and his department is trying to change that. In addition to teaching fishing fundamentals, DHPR also has a learn-to-swim program in place.

A crowd of about 40 children, ranging in age from 2 to the mid-teens, gathered near the fort at the Christiansted National Historic Site. Volunteers led them through a series of instructional demonstrations on the proper way to tie a knot, set bait, and cast.

After a few minutes, the kids started pulling in their catches. In previous years, the Golden Hook fishing club hosted this event, but two years ago they handed it over to the government due to lack of sponsors. The club continues to volunteer at the event and if you are lucky enough to live in VIRGIN ISLANDS REAL ESTATE, your children could also take part.