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121-I La Vallee NB

Looking for a great vacation home on the water? You’ve found it – 2DIVE4! This 4 bedroom/2 bath villa features a spacious living/kitchen /dining area perfect for large groups. Price:$1,095,000 Read more about this listing

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Condo

When you are considering purchasingREAL ESTATE ST CROIX, condos provide an affordable option to single-family houses in many areas. They’re perfect for people who like a maintenance-free lifestyle. But before buying, ensure you must do your legwork. Here are...

Olympic Exhibit Opens Monday

The Virgin Islands Olympic Committee are to open an exhibition, featuring items from past Olympic games that the territory has participated in, including memorabilia, old uniforms and information about the current Olympians, this is a must see exhibition for anyone...

93 South Grapetree EB

Read more about this listing Italian island villa set in the beautiful east end hills, with galleries and terraces overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The great-room opens to one such gallery and 75’lap pool.Price:$899,000 Read more about this listing

Protecting your Home while you are away

Many people own VIRGIN ISLANDS REAL ESTATE as vacation homes, that they leave empty and without supervision for days, weeks or months at a time. Here are a few tips on how to safeguard your home for both short and long absences.1. A property which presents a...