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Teams from Georgia, Tortola and St. Maarten joined excited local swimmers for a friendly, good natured competition, in the St. Croix Dolphins 30th Invitational Swim Meet. ST CROIX RENTALS are perfect for anyone wishing to visit to join in with events.
“The children swim hard, swim fast, make friends, share experiences and, most importantly, they have fun.,” said John Vasbinder, Dolphins head coach.

The Dolphins are part of the the St. Croix Swimming Association, founded 38 years ago. The organization, which is open to the public, has helped develop athletes with the added benefit of teaching adults and children how to swim and be safe in the water.

Chrissie Bergstrom, coach of the North Georgia Aquatics team, said “This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to have fun and meet kids from other cultures,” Bergstrom said. “They are even doing swim cap swapping.”

Soraida Ersilia, coach of the St. Maarten Super Splashes, said the children and parents work hard at fund raising because they love coming to the meet. “It is great the way the swimmers interact with each other.”

Cinthia Michele Sanes, Dolphins administrator, said they had 100 children registered to compete. On Thursday they had three swimmers from Tortola, 13 from St. Maarten, 10 from Georgia and 74 from the U.S. Virgin Islands.