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Some proud young students lucky enough to live in REAL ESTATE ST CROIX received some great prizes, during the Juanita Gardine Elementary School, Young Freedom Writers Showcase on Wednesday.
The young writers’ workshop took over the Juanita Gardine campus for most of last year, and all through the current school year.

“It started out as a competition,” said Rashidah El Shabazz, the school nurse. “Now it has expanded into a school wide project.”

The program was kick-started by a grant from the St. Croix Methodist Church, and later, the St. Croix Foundation provided $1,500 to the program to help keep the students’ creative juices flowing.

The school’s technology resource person, Veronica Prescott said, “We started an after school program with about 20 students preparing healthy foods and writing articles about the experience,” the school nurse said. “A journal was produced and it inspired the students to write more. Students came eagerly and the program was a big success.”

Top prize winners were, Saidah Marrero, Shaniah Neverson, Alieshla Beras and Shakira Delerme, who all received first-place certificates and mini NetBooks.