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Conditions were perfect for the Grand Finale of the Junior Triathlon at Cramer’s Park last Sunday.
Parents and volunteers cheered on the young athletes as they began their 25-meter swim. Youngster, Angelisa Adams, even took to the road with a pair of training wheels.

Angelisa’s 11-year-old brother, Michael, jogged along beside her through her half-mile bike ride and quarter-mile run, coaching her all the way.

The event was hosted by the Virgin Islands Triathlon Federation, which works to popularize the sport in the territory, especially amongst kids.

The children competed in four different age groups, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, and 12-15, with the length of the course increasing with the kids age.

Thirteen-year-old Adriel Sanes, delivered a dominant performance in the final race, finishing his 200-meter swim, 3-mile bike ride, and mile run in just over 26 minutes.

“Not only has he attended all of the junior races this season and several adult races, Adriel has been very humble about his accomplishments,” said race organizer Theresa Harper.