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St. Patrick’s Day on St. Croix is one of those events where the crowd is almost as entertaining as the parade. Almost everybody was wearing green, and everyone was enjoying themselves, at the 43rd annual St. Croix St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
For Gail and Steve Patriquin of Wolfeboro, N.H., especially, the parade has become an annual event. In the weeks leading up to the event, they ship down several boxes of green attire. Everything from hats and sunglasses, to the perfect green striped glasses, for those cool frothy beverages everybody was sipping, along Company Street.

Similarly, Rob LaFrenier plans his trips from Staten Island, to visit his sister and to coincide with the parade. A group of visitors from Denmark’s Aarhus Friskole also joined in the fun, as a group of girls danced as their classmates and guides played and sang along.

As the parade headed down King Street toward the judging station, the crowd surged out into the street, the marching bands from the island’s two public high schools, whipping them into a frenzy.

The MVP of the parade, which in this case stands for Most Valuable Pirate, was Grand Marshal Mike Belcheff, a longtime Crucian and a buccaneer fan, well known across the island as “Cap’n Killy.”